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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Although every facet of life has been negatively impacted by the current Covid-19 crisis, we realize violent crime has not stopped or slowed down, and there are always victims we need to assist.

If you're a victim of a violent crime you may be wondering how you can still get the help and attention you need to navigate this very difficult time of your life.

Please rest assured that The New Mexico Victims' Rights project is still open and functioning during this time, and we are as ready, able and willing to help you as we've always been.

As always we believe that communication is the key, so we are practicing common-sense social distancing but also interacting with you through Zoom, Skype, Face Time and of course by phone, email and text.

Because we advocate on your behalf we're working not just with you on one side but with lawyers and the legal system, law enforcement, governmental, non-profit and other organizations of all kinds on the other. Each is coping with the current crisis in their own way, so it is a challenge to learn what each is doing and then adapt to their requirements so we can keep moving forward with your case. We are asking for your patience while we work together to put the services and support you need in place.

If does take extra effort on both sides and we'd be lying if we didn't admit the time frames are longer than usual, but we can continue to move the process forward and get you the help you need - legally, financially and with such things as counseling and psychological support.

We're all adapting to this "new normal" so, the sooner you get in touch with us the sooner we can begin the process and get you the help you need.

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