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Our Mission

The New Mexico Victims' Rights Project is dedicated to providing education and enforcement of crime victims' constitutional rights. The Project is available to assist all victims of violent crime.

The goal of the Victims' Rights Project is to help victims meet their legal, financial and emotional needs through: pro bono legal counsel; assistance in information and case tracking; representation at court hearings; assistance in creating victim impact statements and filing for restitution; and facilitating contact with support groups and other victim resources.

“The American crime victim’s plea for fairness, dignity and respect was forged in the fire of a fundamental human need—that the individual citizen, whose life had been most directly impacted by the criminal act, would be assured that they were not an outsider to the process, and treated not as if they were mere evidence of the offense—but that their misfortune and their voice was of value, that they would be heard, listened to and appreciated, and that they would be regarded as essential to the justice system that was charged with righting the wrong.”

Jay Howell

Victims’ rights attorney,

Former Executive Director

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

New Mexico Crime Victims reach out for help
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