Linda Atkinson, Executive Director, New Mexico Crime Victims' Project

As the Executive Director of The New Mexico Victims' Rights Project I interact with crime victims and their families every day. I realize being a crime victim is traumatic, and you probably don't know where to turn to for

help and guidance.


I want you to know you've come to the right place, and you're not alone.


The New Mexico Victims' Rights Project was started in 2002 and operates

as a project under the DWI Resource Center,  which is  a

501(c)3 non-profit organization. Based in Albuquerque,

we serve crime victims throughout the state of New Mexico at no cost. 

As a victim of crime in New Mexico, you have a Constitutional right to be treated with fairness, respect and dignity and to be free from intimidation, harassment or abuse throughout the criminal or juvenile justice process. All state, county, and municipal justice agencies and courts in New Mexico are required to perform certain duties to ensure that YOUR RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED.


We work with you to make sure you are aware of and understand what rights you are legally entitled to under New Mexico state law, and help with the procedures and processes necessary to



For example, our services include:

  • Assistance in explaining and navigating the CRIMINAL judicial process.

  • Help in developing questions to ask the District Attorney's office.

  • How to access a copy of the police report.

  • Explaining your rights and role in the courtroom.

  • How to contact the Medical Investigator.

  • Where and how to access financial assistance.

  • Locate legal representation if needed.

  • Connecting you with professional victim advocates to assist you in asserting your rights, finding resources to meet your needs, accompanying you to court hearings and explaining court procedures.

In addition, we collaborate with many state organizations. support groups, shelters, victim advocates, law enforcement officials and government agencies which provide emergency and long-term support to crime victims and their families. Knowing what resources exist and how to contact them can be invaluable in assisting you in finding the emotional, financial and physical help you need:

  • Victim assistance programs.

  • Sexual assault centers (Rape Crisis Centers).

  • Child abuse treatment programs.

  • Support groups.

  • Domestic violence shelters.  

  • Emergency safe homes or shelters

  • 24-hour crisis telephone lines.

  • Follow-up crisis and long-term counseling.

  • Transportation

  • Child care

​If you are a New Mexico crime victim I urge you to contact us today for the guidance you need to 

HELP YOU ASSERT your rights and to support you and your family as you MOVE THROUGH this difficult time.

Linda Atkinson

Executive Director

New Mexico Victims' Rights Project

New Mexico Crime Victims reach out for help