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New Mexico Crime Victims reach out

 Are you a Victim in Need of Legal Assistance?

New Mexico Crime Victims reach out for help

If You Have Been The Victim Of Crime:

You Have Rights.

You Can Get Help.

You Can Work For Positive Change.

The New Mexico Crime Victims’ Legal Assistance services are provided by

New Mexico Legal Aid and the

New Mexico Victim's Rights Project.

We provide holistic legal services to crime victims

in  New Mexico, including:

Information and Referral

No-cost consultation with our staff attorneys

Where applicable, direct representation in

New Mexico’s criminal, civil and administrative courts.

Practice areas include, but are not limited to: Victims Rights Enforcement, Employment, Education, Family Law and Financial Recovery.

New Mexico Victims' Rights Project

Support | Advocacy | Resources

If you've been the victim of a violent crime, you may be experiencing some level of emotional or physical stress, financial difficulty or legal challenges  - at the same time you're trying to navigate a complex and confusing criminal justice system.

The New Mexico Victims' Rights Project is here to provide answers, guidance and support so you can exercise the rights to which you are legally entitled, and help you find available resources and information you'll need.


All of our services are completely free of charge.

New Mexico Crime Victims reach out for help

Our Commitment To You

Compassion & Understanding    |    Help & Support    |    Empowerment & Change

By its very nature being the victim of a violent crime can leave you feeling vulnerable, helpless and powerless. It can be a time of deep confusion and intense frustration, especially when dealing with the unfamiliar and time-consuming, like lawyers and the criminal justice system. 

All while trying to recover from the event itself and put your life back together. 

The New Mexico Victims' Rights Project offers practical, real-world solutions to the personal, legal, financial and judicial challenges you may be facing, served with a welcome dose of empathy and understanding.

We know the criminal justice system.

We know what rights victims are entitled to under New Mexico State law. 

We know what to do, where to go and how to ensure your rights.

We know the personal, legal and financial support systems and resources

available to you and how best to access them.

We're your road map, compass and GPS unit for navigating one of the most difficult periods of your life.

More than that we're a personal guide that not only points you in the right direction,

but helps make sure you arrive there.

Keep Informed. Keep In Touch. 
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